YouTube Go is over, Google will remove the application

The YouTube Go app will disappear. Google announced that the application would soon no longer be offered.

YouTube logo // Source: Photo by Adam Fejes from Pexels

In 2016, Google embarked on the development of new ultralight applications with the name Go. YouTube Go is the showcase and should help bring the video sharing service into new hands. We are talking in particular about being able to play videos offline, consuming very few resources and compatibility with very light smartphones in power.

After 6 years of good and loyal service, Google announces that the YouTube Go application will finally bow out.

The YouTube app has been optimized

The firm has therefore indicated that the YouTube Go application will disappear from August 2022. The users concerned are invited to go to the main YouTube application or the service’s mobile site. Google believes that the YouTube application today offers a better user experience with functions unavailable on YouTube Go such as the dark theme or the uploading of content.

Above all, the firm claims to have sufficiently optimized its main application for the least efficient smartphones, enough to eliminate the need for a dedicated application. Video streaming over low-quality networks has also been improved.

What about Android Go?

Does the end of YouTube Go foreshadow an abandonment of Google for the other applications of the Android Go project? Unable to confirm at this time. In December 2021, Google nevertheless unveiled Android 12 GB, the latest version of the system optimized for the least efficient smartphones. It will be necessary to monitor the development of Android 13 Go after the disappearance of YouTube Go to ensure the life of the project.

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