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There is nothing more frustrating and disturbing than seeing your favorite plants in great pain. Despite all your regular care, some end up falling ill or even dying. Do not panic, reviving a faded plant is not impossible. If you go through this ordeal, do not worry more than necessary and arm yourself with patience. Thanks to this trick, you can breathe new life into your plants and save them from their fatal fate in extremis. Based on 3 natural ingredients, this mixture will work wonders on your plants.

A withered plant

A withered plant – Source: spm

The ideal trick to breathe new life into your plants?

Plants can die for various reasons, depending on our will or not. Because sometimes, even if they are cared for properly, they can wither over time, be ravaged by pests or fall ill without warning. Finally, whatever the reason, the most important thing is to avoid this fatality by taking certain measures at the right time. When you feel that your plant is in great pain and that it may soon retire, it is always saving to know how to revive them. While they won’t last forever and will eventually wither away, taking matters into your own hands at the right time is a real satisfaction.

Therefore, all home remedies are good to take. The trick that we are going to reveal to you now is particularly appropriate and effective for reviving a plant that is too stressed or ravaged by disease.

For this mixture, you just need to dilute the following three ingredients in water:

– A banana peel

– Used coffee grounds

– An eggshell

Preparation : Mix all the ingredients and add a little water. When you get a thick paste, stop the mixer. Add a few spoonfuls of the mixture to the withered plants and let this mixture do its magic.

This remedy contains all the nutrients your plant needs to thrive again. So it’s only a matter of time before you see it turn green and beautiful again. A little patience and the sight of your healthy plant will make you happy again!

Why did you specifically choose these 3 ingredients? Each of them has virtues to nourish your plants and make them reborn from their ashes.

  • Banana peel is very rich in starch, nitrogenous proteins, fibers and vitamins (A, B and C). It therefore acts as a powerful organic fertilizer that will provide your plants with all the nutrients they lack. As a bonus, it is natural and ecological!
  • Also, due to its slightly acidic pH, coffee grounds prove to be an excellent naturally organic fertilizer highly prized by gardeners. As a bonus, it is full of immediately assimilable potassium and magnesium. This will immediately boost the growth of the plant.
  • Both in the garden and for indoor plants, eggshells help balance the pH of the compost. They are very rich in minerals, especially calcium. This natural fertilizer will enrich your plants and provide them with the resistance they need. As a bonus, if you sprinkle a little on the potting soil, the shell debris will ward off any pests that lurk around them.
watering plants

Watering plants – Source: spm

5 tips to prevent your plants from getting sick or dying quickly

Here’s how you can take better care of your plants to prevent them from wilting prematurely.

  1. Remember that the exposure to sunlight or the light intensity that each plant needs is not the same for all. It is therefore necessary to determine the lighting needs of each to avoid possible withering or that the leaves do not burn with the sun. A classic example is ferns: some tolerate exposure to direct sunlight for several hours a day with no problem, while others can wilt or burn with just a few minutes of intense sunlight.
  2. Use great caution when watering your plants. Both frequency and quantity are fundamental parameters. Excess humidity can lead to rotting, permanent wilting, and even death. Example: Many cacti only need to be watered fortnightly or even monthly. While the majority of ferns need water daily.
  3. The quality of the substrate in which your plants grow is essential to their health. Some plants need waterlogged soils (especially some species of Iris), so their substrate should always be moist. But other plants prefer to grow in drier substrates. If you do not provide enough moisture in the soil or the trunks (of epiphytic plants), then you will see the difference between a healthy plant and one that is easily attacked by fungi, which most often leads to them rot and kill them.
  4. Even if you have a preference for natural fertilizers, whether chemical or organic, these fertilizers significantly help your plants grow and flourish. They stimulate growth and promote the most spectacular blooms. But be careful: too much fertilizer can be deadly. Of course, the most aggressive are those resulting from chemical substances. In the long run and with intensive use, these fertilizers risk burning the leaves and causing a lot of damage. Alternation with natural and ecological remedies is often recommended by specialists.
  5. Finally, pruning is imperative for the health of many plants and to extend their lifespan. Granted, while not all of them need pruning, some do do need sprucing up to make a new look, so removing old branches and dried flowers will greatly promote growth. Pruning also prevents fungus and pests from appearing in decaying flowers. Therefore, many plants need annual pruning to promote branching of their stems and to keep them looking good.

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