Xiaomi news, new Google Contacts tab, change for landline phones

As the year 2023 begins, it’s time to take stock of the most important news of the last week of 2022. A week that was especially marked by new Xiaomi products, but also an upcoming change for phones that were fixed.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12 Pro Speed ​​​​​​Edition // Source: Xiaomi (Redmi)

Xiaomi is full of new products

Xiaomi took advantage of the week between Christmas and New Year to unveil many new features at a conference in China. The manufacturer has thus presented no less than four new smartphones, with the Redmi K60, K60 Pro, K60E and Note 12 Pro Speed​​​​​​​​​Edition. In addition to phones, Xiaomi took the opportunity to unveil new accessories, still under its Redmi brand. We were thus entitled to wireless headphones, the Redmi Buds 4 Lite, but also to a connected watch, the Redmi Watch 3, and a connected bracelet, the Redmi Band 2. At the moment, no marketing was announced in France n.

Google is adding a tab to its Contacts app

Google has updated its contacts application that brings together your entire library. As a reminder, this application is the one that is installed by default, especially on the Pixel smartphones of the brand. The main news in this update concerns the addition of a new tab, which allows you to more easily find your favorite contacts as well as those that have been added recently. Present on the “Selection” tab, this tab will allow you to easily find the contacts you call regularly. A handy feature in an emergency to avoid spending long seconds scrolling through your phonebook.

A big change for landlines in 2023

Mobile phone users are familiar with number portability. From now on, this rule comes on fixed lines. From this Sunday, January 1, all fixed line subscribers will be able to keep the number on their line even if they change region. Remember that since 1996, every neighborhood in metropolitan France and the Île-de-France region has had a telephone code, from 01 to 05. Until now, when you moved, you had to change the code to depending on the region you are moving to. From now on you can keep the same number.

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