WWDC22: Apple should prepare the software ground for its mixed reality headset

If Apple should not lift the veil on its mixed reality headset during the WWDC keynote, on the other hand the manufacturer could sow some clues about the existence of this product in the software updates expected this evening. Mark Gurman gives some details in his newsletter.

Hollywood content for Apple’s mixed reality headset?

This helmet is not only a stupid device, explains the snooper of Bloomberg, it’s a complete virtual reality and augmented reality platform, with apps and “experiences” signed by Apple and third-party developers, he said. The Metal bricks, Reality Composer and the various video codecs should benefit from significant advances.

Concept: Antonio De Rosa

Apple would also have “explored” the possibility of a grinder to convert and optimize the iPad and Apple TV applications for the famous helmet. The equivalent of Catalyst in a way, which allows you to adapt iPad applications to the Mac.

In terms of interface, the manufacturer would have taken care of elements such as the monitoring of body and hand movements, gestures, virtual keyboard input and Siri. All of this would be embeddable in third-party applications. SwiftUI would add to its capabilities the ability to design AR and VR apps, all in close collaboration with Metal and RealityKit.

This toolkit would result in a new development environment for macOS, allowing developers to simulate headset operation — a new Xcode bowstring that already does the same with iPhones, iPads, and Apple TVs.

In order to demonstrate the capabilities of these new technologies, Apple is reportedly working on VR versions of FaceTime, Maps, Notes or even Calendar (we are also awaiting news from Numbers, Tim Cook looks hot potato on the exciting prospects of augmented reality spreadsheets). The headset could also act as an extended desktop for the Mac, which would then switch to 3D. The turfu 🤩.


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