Worms in a taco, dead mussels on the ground: the Hérault restaurant owner did not respect the hygiene rules

In Marseillan, the establishment was inspected after a customer found a worm in a taco.

The summer season begins and with it all the necessary hygiene controls so that restaurant customers are not poisoned. A few days ago, the soldiers of the nautical brigade of the Marseillan gendarmerie thus visited a restaurateur of Marseillan plage reported as suspect by a customer. He had discovered a worm in his tacos.

Use-by dates exceeded

This establishment, which had made a specialty of selling fish products, was therefore controlled by the military. And there, surprise… Many hygiene violations have thus been observed. This is how the investigators came across unsavory products, dead mussels in their own juice on the floor and not stored in a cold room.

Slippery floors for lack of cleaning of the oil that covered them, expiry dates for products that have passed. The manager will have to explain himself. But his establishment was not closed.

Other controls are planned so that those who respect the rules are not in competition with others who do anything.

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