With the return of the cold, rats are looking for some warmth near our homes: pest control advises to act quickly

A consequence of the return of the cold, which we observe in several large cities, and especially in Brussels: the rats seem to be more near homes. Logically, rodents also suffer from the drop in temperatures and are looking for some warmth… in our homes.

Exterminator for 10 years, Soufian has intervened in an area dedicated to waste containers i Berchem-Saint-Agathwhich has been infested with rats since June. As soon as the temperatures start to drop, the rats look for places to hide. It even happens that these rodents find refuge in homes.

“If they leave any way out. If there is a broken air vent, it can be an entry point for rats. The sewers are linked to other homes’ sewers, so if their manholes is in poor condition, it can also be the cause of rat infestations at home”, explains Soufian Idrissi.

Rats are first attracted to food and organic waste. For the last few weeks they have also sought warmth and entered through the tiniest little hole. As soon as there is any doubt about the presence of a rodent, Mounir advises to act quickly so that the situation does not worsen. You must first locate and then close the hole so that no one can fit anymore.

“Then we will then use rodenticides that we use to kill rats,” says Mounir Sanchez, a exterminator. “There are two or even three different types of rodenticides to ensure that the rat finds the right diet. Anyway, the rat is always gluttonous, so he will eat almost anything given to him. The mechanical swatters are also very good.”

A situation that should not be taken lightly, as rodents, and especially rats, can transmit several diseases. The most common is a bacterial disease called Leptospirosis.

“It is a disease that directly attacks the kidneys. Were it only by its urine, by its smell, by its presence, were it only by the electrical cables that it gnaws, it can cause enormous torment”, emphasizes Mounir Sanchez.

In Brussels, two million rats are counted, i.e. two per Brussels resident.

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