With just two mundane ingredients, this mosquito trap will save your summer!

Rising temperatures and the return of the sun also mean the return of mosquitoes. If you no longer know what to do to get rid of these little beasts, we have found the perfect solution: you will only need two ingredients that you all have at home.

With the arrival of summer, mosquitoes may invite themselves into your home…even if you don’t want them! If it is difficult to escape, there are solutions like this ingredient which is the mosquito repellent for this summer. To put the odds on your side, we have a new trick that requires few ingredients and that works every time.

Why are mosquitoes bothersome?

Mosquitoes are little summer pests that are hard to avoid. Between their itchy bites and the noise they make – who hasn’t ever been bothered by an incessant buzzing sound before sleeping? – it must be said that they are little liked. Some people hate them even more since they have “mosquito skins”, that is, they are the most apt to get bitten. If you want to escape it completely, there are only two places: Antarctica and Iceland. Suffice to say that you will be confronted more than once with these insects. If these little beasts are hated, they still have benefits for the planet. Just like bees and bees, mosquitoes also pollinate (in smaller quantities) by feeding on the nectar of…

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