Why You Won’t Recognize Your Google Calendar Invitations

The Mountain View firm has just unveiled the new interface for Google Calendar invitation notifications received by email. More readable, they will also retain old information when an event has been modified.

Google was obviously unhappy with the rendering of Google Calendar invitation notification emails. On its blog dedicated to Google Workspace, the American company has just announced that it has made some changes to the layout of invitation notifications received by e-mail.

To achieve this facelift, Google made sure that the layout of the most important information about the event was perfectly readable. The new, more modern notifications offer faster reading of the most important details. To go to the end of its approach, Google also explains that when you receive an e-mail informing you that an event has been modified, the old information of this invitation will still be visible, but crossed out. So, if the person who initiated the invitation has changed the date or time of the event, this information will still be visible and will appear crossed out just below the updated information.


The rollout of these new notifications, which has just begun, will be done gradually over the next few days and should be complete by the end of June. These changes will apply to all Google Workspace users, as well as to all users with a personal Google Account.

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