Why Volkswagen should beat Tesla by 2024

Current leader in electric car sales in the world, Tesla will be overtaken by Volkswagen if these forecasts hold true.

With a phenomenal explosion in sales in recent years, the Tesla brand is now the world leader in electric cars. In 2021, the manufacturer of Elon Musk approached the million vehicles sold and should explode this figure in the year 2022.

However, Tesla may not remain the world’s largest electric carmaker. In 2022, BYD’s Chinese were leading the race in the last census. And according to experts from Bloomberg Intelligence, the American manufacturer should be beaten by the year 2024 by the Volkswagen group in the number of electric vehicles sold in the world.

It might be tight

Thanks to the arrival of many new 100% electric vehicles by the year 2024, Bloomberg Intelligence is counting on more than two million zero-emission Volkswagens sold worldwide that year. What to do slightly better than Tesla according to their estimates, which would also exceed the bar of two million cars. If these estimates were true, it would still mean that Tesla would sell almost as many cars worldwide as Mercedes and BMW!

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