Why taking regular naps is a sign of poor health?

Why taking regular naps is a sign of poor health?
It is not the nap in itself that is bad health but the causes that push us to do it. © Adobe stock

A team of researchers set out to find out why some people need a nap. And some explanations are an indicator of poor health…

Risk of stroke and hypertension

Taking a nap regularly can be an indicator of poor health. A link between regular naps and an elevated risk of high blood pressure and stroke ( stroke) has just been observed by researchers at China’s Central South University. Their work has been published in the scientific journal Hypertension.

Short nights and long naps

Researchers point to the causes that cause people to take a nap. Very often it is a bad night sleep. However, “poor nighttime sleep is associated with poorer health, and naps are not enough not to compensate that”, explained Michael Grandner. He is a clinical psychologist and sleep expert.

Alcohol, tobacco and insomnia

The researchers did the composite portrait of the lover of regular naps. These are men whowere smoking, were drinking daily, had a lower level of education and income and reported both insomnia and snoring“, found the scientists. So many factors that increase the risk of hypertension and stroke.

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