Why should we stop washing yogurt pots before throwing them in the trash?

After washing the yogurt pot, we may be tempted to throw it in the trash. However, this is a bad idea to banish. Find out why this habit is so bad.

Often, after rinsing a yogurt, our first instinct is to throw it in the trash. Only, this gesture is to be avoided because it can be at the origin of many harmful repercussions. This is harmful to the environment. Yogurt pots, milk cartons and plastic containers should definitely not be rinsed before being thrown in the trash.

Many consumers rinse out yogurt cups before throwing them away. “After all, it’s better for recycling if the waste is clean,” they think.

yoghurt pot

Empty yogurt pot – Source: spm

Energy waste and environmental pollution

However, the consumer initiative points out that when rinsing, water and detergent are wasted unnecessarily, which ultimately also represents an environmental burden.

The waste is cleaned to be recycled in waste yards and part of the waste is incinerated to generate energy anyway.

Nevertheless, it is important to scrape or empty the larger remains of the contents.

Stay away from “organic” plastic bags

You will find them on the shelves of supermarkets: organic compostable plastic bags. However, these still pose problems for waste disposal and treatment companies. Mainly for two reasons: The bags decompose much more slowly than the rest of the organic waste and this causes difficulties for the waste treatment companies, so that the organic waste can no longer be turned into compost.

Consumers are encouraged to use newsprint. Paper bags or bags that do not contain plastic fibers can also be used.

green glass bottles

Green glass bottles – Source: spm

Blue bottles with green glass

Green colored glass can better balance the blue tint of a bottle. When it comes to sorting glass in particular, waste management companies attach great importance to sorting. A brown bottle in the white glass container that is overlooked by the sorting system destroys the purity of the variety. Recycled glass becomes cloudier, which makes recycling much more difficult.

The idea that transport vehicles throw the different types of glass together when collecting containers is also wrong. Garbage trucks have three different check-in surfaces inside – one for each color of glass.

Old mobile phones contain valuable raw materials

There are also rules for old cell phones. Mobile phones have no place in residual waste. They must be returned to designated collection points.

This also applies to household appliances. Some of them contain valuable raw materials that can be recycled. You can drop off electronic waste or have it collected at recycling centers and electronics suppliers.

Never throw batteries in the trash

Batteries should also be recycled. Anyone who throws them in the trash commits an offence. Collection containers can be found in many pharmacies, supermarkets, electronics stores, recycling centers and at the service of citizens of the city.

Anyone who disposes of batteries in the residual waste not only wastes valuable raw materials, but also risks releasing heavy metals into the environment during the disposal process.

pizza box

Pizza box – Source: spm

All papers have no place with old papers

Garbage that appears to be made of paper does not necessarily belong in the wastebasket. This includes, for example, products soiled with food scraps or otherwise soiled (cosmetics, oil, cleaning products, etc.).

Wrapping paper, pizza boxes or magazine-type paper products should also not be disposed of in waste paper bins. Their surface is often coated with plastic to make it shiny.

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