Why did Apple (finally) not introduce a virtual reality headset?

realityOS, Apple’s mixed reality concept, should see the light of day in the coming months. The brand did not give any news during its annual conference.

One of the most anticipated topics of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference was ultimately one of the big absentees: virtual reality. If many rumors indicated that the company’s annual conference would not give pride of place to its VR headset project, hopes were maintained until Monday evening, 7 p.m.

If Apple has not publicly materialized its plans in this direction, it is quite simply because the company is not ready, either logistically or technically, to present its product. Mark Gurman, a business analyst and reporter for Bloomberg, revealed in 2017 the premises of realityOS, the operating system behind Apple’s virtual reality products.

According to Bloomberg, Apple has not yet reached its production targets. Presenting his helmet officially would then amount to exposing his idea and risking possible copies while waiting for the release.

But the project is far from being a chimera: the name realityOS is now a registered trademark, for just over a week. It was a specialized journalist, named Parker Ortolani, who announced it on Twitter.

Not before 2023

On the other hand, according to the New York Times, the company has approached several big names in Hollywood to build its project. Jon Favreau, producer notably known for certain Marvel films would be involved in the project, according to sources from The Times.

During the annual conference, several new features related to augmented reality and virtual reality were announced, proof that Apple is consolidating its foundations in this direction. Still according to Mark Gurman, the project is not limited to a simple virtual reality headset, but to a range of applications and functions dedicated to mixed reality.

“As for augmented reality, the big new features – announced as planned – are ARKit 6, Metal 3 (for video games) and a new RoomPlan function for scanning rooms. All of these new features will play a role in the headset this year. next, but not today,” Mark Gurman tweeted.

The novelties to which the journalist refers are applications and software related to augmented reality and virtual reality technology.

Finally, if no date has been officially announced for the realization of realityOS, all sources converge on the summer of 2023.

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