Who is Fasia Jansen?

On this day, the Google Doodle is dedicated to the German musician Fasia Jansen. We see the singer doing what she loved the most: singing at a gathering, guitar in hand.

Today, Jansen would have been 93 years old. In the following we want to give you an insight into his eventful life.

A Portrait of Fasia Jansen: Your Time Before and During National Socialism

Singer Fasia Jansen was born on June 6, 1929 in Hamburg. His father was Liberian Consul General Momolu Massaquoi.

However, her mother was a German maid, Elli Jansen, which means that Fasia Jansen was born an illegitimate child. As a result, she had to struggle with two things in her youth: As an illegitimate child, she was excluded in the 1930s, because the birth of an illegitimate relationship was still socially forbidden at the time.

Fasia Jansen struggled even more because of her dark skin color. Especially after the National Socialists came to power, it was difficult for the girl, who was still very young at the time. Because in the Nazi regime of terror, which was shaped by racial fanaticism, she was discriminated against every day as someone with “non-Aryan” roots.

Despite everything, Fasia Jansen was already trying to devote her life to art at that time. She attended a dance school in Hamburg until the age of eleven. But even there she had to struggle with discrimination and was eventually expelled from school at the age of eleven. A few years later, she is recruited to work in a soup kitchen. In this function, the then fifteen-year-old came into contact with the prisoners of a concentration camp which was supplied by the soup kitchen.

A portrait of Fasia Jansen: her work in the young Federal Republic

As soon as she had the opportunity, Fasia Jansen dedicated herself to becoming an artist again. She processed her experiences into her music and used it to get politically involved again and again. She was a familiar face at the protests and an important figure in the German peace movement. In this capacity, she appeared at the World Women’s Conference in Nairobi, among others.

However, her commitment didn’t just bring her friends. Many penal orders have been issued against them. The allegations were consistent with the usual allegations against protesters at the time: resistance to state authority and incitement of the people. Fasia Jansen, however, was never impressed.

Honors for Fasia Jansen

At 72, the musician has finally received the recognition she deserves from the state. She received the Federal Cross of Merit. Even after her death in 1997, the singer continued to be honored. For example, a Fasia Jansen comprehensive school was opened in 2014.

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