Who are the people most at risk of catching it?

Public Health France, responsible for monitoring the evolution of the disease in France, reveals the profile of the people most likely to be infected with monkeypox.

The number of cases of monkeypox (or monkeypox) continues to increase in France. Friday June 3, Public Health France lists 51 cases on the territory, a number probably “underestimated” for the professor of infectiology Karine Lacombe, interviewed by The Parisian. She believes that more tests should be carried out and the search for treatments should be accelerated. This increase – there were only 33 cases recorded on Wednesday – nevertheless allowed the health authorities to provide more information on the profile of the people concerned.

Young men living in Île-de-France

In detail, 37 people affected by monkey pox live in Île-de-France, 6 in Occitanie, 4 in Auvergne – Rhône-Alpes, 2 in Normandy, 1 in Hauts-de-France and 1 in Centre-Val of the Loire. So far, the virus has infected only men between the ages of 22 and 63. Those over 50 seem to be more protected against monkepox, as they were vaccinated against eradicated smallpox in the 1980s, so they develop fewer symptomatic illnesses. However, the persistence of antibodies over time remains to be confirmed.

In addition, 22 patients traveled abroad before the onset of their symptoms and some “to several different countries”. A majority of them are men who have sex with men, “without direct link with people returning from endemic areas” in Africa, notes the health authority. This relationship with sexual orientation can be explained by clusters or more reactive screening, but should not be considered as a generality. “No one is spared, women, straight people, children. In Africa, it is mainly the latter who are sick”, underlines infectious disease specialist Karine Lacombe. As transmission takes place through close contact (sputter, biological fluids, lesions, etc.), anyone can indeed be affected. So far, there are no deaths related to the disease.

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