Which auto brands are the most loved/hated in the world?

The ranking of the most loved and hated automakers on the planet has just dropped. If Mercedes triumphs with consumers, Tesla divides according to geographical areas.

Every year, classification of the popularity of car brands is effected. This helps to know which builder is most liked in each country. The study in question was published A few days. The opportunity to take a look at tendencies current in the automotive world.

A methodology based on social networks

Theclunkerjunker.com site conducted this study. The method ? Analyze social networks. They have geolocated where the tweets come from mentioning the different brands. A list of terms related to driving has filtered tweets that did not include these terms in order to ensure that the posts in question evoked well the automobile.

To determine the brand most loved/hated car, the site has isolated the percentage of posts positives and negatives for each constructor. That’s how they came to this conclusion : Tesla and Mercedes-Benz are the two most beloved brands in the world. Overall the German manufacturer is plebiscite across the globe.

On the other hand, the big difference with Tesla is that the American firm Split much more. Indeed Tesla tops the list of most loved brands in 21 countries but tops the list of least loved brands in 16 countries.

Mercedes triumphs

On all of the globe, Mercedes comes first in 18 countries, or behind Tesla. Behind the German manufacturer, we find Ferrari in the lead in 10 countriestied with McLaren.

Just behind, Jeep ranks 5th with a finish at the top of the most popular brands in 9 countries. In France, it is mercedes which comes first, as in Germany and… Italy!

It is rather a result surprising not to see an Italian brand like Ferrari come out on top. You have to go to Great Britain and Spain to see the prancing horse triumph.

In Europe, Tesla climbs to the highest walking of the podium in Switzerland, Ireland and Norway. Toyota, for its part, is the manufacturer with the most favors motorists in Belgium.

Photo credit: The Clunker Junker

Tesla divides

Regarding builders the least liked ones, the method is the same with an algorithm which determines whether the mention is negative or not. At the top of the ranking, we find Ford.

The American brand comes first in 20 countries in the world. Tesla divides and ends with 16 countries on his counter. Finally, Ferrari achieves a “sad” performance since the Italian brand came first among the hated brands in 18 countries.

In France, it is a builder of which we hear very little who ended up at the top of the rank. Lincoln is obviously not appreciated in the hexagon, as in Italy. As a reminder, Lincoln is part of the Ford group.

Photo credit: The Clunker Junker

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