Where is Apple’s electric car project?

The company is said to have relaunched its electric car project, called Titan. If Apple abandons driving in complete autonomy, a first model could be presented in 2026.

For months, Apple appeared to have put aside its ambitions to produce its own electric vehicle. Still, the project – internally titled Titan – is reportedly back on the agenda, says Bloomberg. According to people familiar with the matter, the company plans to release a first model in 2026, give or take a year.

Goodbye level 5 autonomy

The Apple Car has long been an idea in the Tech giant’s coffers. Despite the reclassification of 200 people at the beginning of 2019, there are still a thousand people on the project. However, the American media clarifies that the fully autonomous driving functions will not be integrated into the first models as originally planned.

So goodbye to the dream of level 5 autonomous driving. It will therefore be necessary to count on pedals and a steering wheel. Apple had imagined being able to do without it by focusing on the development of advanced artificial intelligence. Now self-driving capabilities are becoming mainstream again.

Thus, the current project provides the opportunity to design a vehicle so that its driver can watch a movie or play a video game. These rides must be restricted to highway use. If the car approaches a city or in bad weather, it warns the driver early enough to switch back to manual mode.

A direct competitor to Tesla or Mercedes

These devices are expected in the United States, from the marketing of the Apple Car. A generalization is envisaged thereafter, but should require an additional period of innovation.

Bloomberg has learned that the price of Apple’s electric car will be below the $100,000 mark. That’s less than early estimates of over $120,000. This new price would make the model a direct competitor to the Tesla Model S or Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Despite this new batch of information, one unknown still remains: its design. According to Apple’s new roadmap, it should be ready by next year. The technical characteristics will also be announced in late 2024, before moving on to in-depth tests in 2025.

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