When everyone imitates Tesla, Tata is original for the dashboard of the Avinya EV

By presenting its new Avinya EV concept car, the Indian manufacturer Tata Motors confirms its intention to take advantage of the growth of electric vehicles to take on a more global dimension.

The Tata Avinya EV concept announces the arrival of a new platform dedicated to electric vehicles from the Indian manufacturer. The name Avinya is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning innovation. It is a streamlined, low MPV with counter-opening doors and a stripped-down interior. Where most manufacturers rely on a single large central screen, Tata does away with it. The board is occupied by a large sound bar and an information screen takes place in the center of the steering wheel.

The Tata Avinya also undoubtedly foreshadows a new appearance for the brand’s electric models, with a front and rear light signature taking up the pattern of the T logo. 500km”.

Global ambitions

Beyond the concept, Tata shows that the electric is seen as a golden opportunity for the brand. The manufacturer occupies 90% of the electric market in India. A small market of just over 20,000 units, mainly made up of fleet sales to government agencies. Tata intends to continue on this path. This year, it will increase its capacity to 80,000 electric cars.

Subsequently, the manufacturer plans to launch 10 electric models by 2026, with an investment of 2 billion euros. Some of these models will be adapted from existing vehicles, others will be exclusive models. As could be a production version of the Avinya which would arrive in 2025. Remember that India is aiming for a 30% share of the electric car market by 2030.

These new electric models will also be the spearheads of Tata internationally. Indeed, the owner of Jaguar Land Rover intends to take advantage of electrification to spread its wings outside its national market. These models must give it a more technological and modern image than at present. Tata now generates most of its turnover in India and neighboring countries.

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