when Elon Musk’s behavior affects sales

According to a study, Tesla customers are sometimes embarrassed to drive a brand vehicle because of Elon Musk’s behavior.

For a few years, and since the launch of the Model 3, Tesla has been operating on a small cloud. The company Elon Musk, but for a time on the verge of bankruptcy, has recovered well and is currently a hit all over the world. Actually Model Y was even the best-selling new car in Europe, all engines combined. The sedan is regularly the electric car with the most registrations on the planet. Suffice to say, Tesla is no longer the small brand it was a few years earlier when it launched its first Roadster.

A deteriorating relationship

And one of the brand’s strengths is also its very strong relationship with its customers. In fact, the latter’s attachment to the manufacturer has always been very strong. In addition, Tesla always appears well placed in the rankingThe American agency MBLM which ranks companies according to the emotional connection it has with its customers. And the manufacturer has so far always been in the top 10 and last year ranked second behind Disney and ahead of Apple. Mercedes comes in 6th place. But things could change dramatically for the American company because of Elon Musk.

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Irritated drivers

In fact for a few weeks, and especially since its acquisition of Twitter, Elon Musk multiplying pranks and shock statements, not to mention his positions in favor of Donald Trump, which does not please everyone. And that has an impact on customers. According to MBLM, some would even be embarrassed to drive the brand’s cars. The director of the agency claims that “ when I see people saying they won’t consider buying a Tesla anymore, or owners are embarrassed to drive one, I think we’re hitting a breaking point for the brand“. Let’s hope Elon Musk catches up…

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