What to eat during hot weather?

In summer, we eat light! © Adobe stock

When it is very hot, it is often difficult to eat. However, it is essential to stock up on fresh and hydrating foods, to better withstand the heat.

Water-rich foods

In order not to become dehydrated, opt for water-rich foods. For example, fruits and vegetables. Many of them are thirst-quenching, such as:

For vegetables, it is best to eat them cooked. Consuming too many raw vegetables can cause transit problems. On the other hand, you can eat these vegetables cold, but cooked beforehand. Also consider white fish, cooked without fat.

Also, do not eliminate the starches. They are the ones that will provide the energy your body needs to last all day.

Finally, consume mint. Thanks to its menthol content, it provides a powerful cooling effect. To refresh yourself, drink it as an herbal tea, infused in fresh water, or in a salad.

Foods to avoid

When it’s hot, the body finds it harder to digest. This is why it is better to avoid foods too fat or too rich. Forget fatty meats.

Also beware of fruits and vegetables that make you want to urinate. The body must be able to retain water in order to be hydrated. So you can forget:

  • Fennel
  • asparagus
  • The artichoke

Finally, sugar and carbohydrates, which are difficult to digest, should be prohibited. Sorry foodies!

Small quantities

Finally, the more you eat, the longer it takes to digest. During this period of digestion, the body generates energy and therefore, heat. Instead, eat small amounts.

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