What is your favorite Apple product in 2022?

We cannot say that Apple has been inactive this year: the brand presented no less than 17 devices in 2022. There have certainly been simple updates, but also unexpected news. It’s up to you to tell us which device was your favorite device!

On the iPhone side, Apple started the year with a new iPhone SE, which did not really convince. Still based on the same aging design, the phone has gained 5G compatibility as well as an A15 Bionic chip: good changes, but offered in a box that is running out of time.

iPhone 14.

The iPhone 14 and 14 plus also had a bit of trouble seducing. Much to the dismay of its customers, Apple has reused the A15 chip from last year in its new generation, just grafting a few small additions that are far from essential for an inflated price. The “Plus” model replaces the mini version at a very high price, which makes it difficult to recommend.

The one that came out on top was obviously the 14 Pro series with its Max model. The notch has become Dynamic Island, while the screen can now stay on even in sleep mode. Apple has also put the package on the picture and increased its main sensor from 12 Mpx to 48 Mpx.

iPhone 14 Pro.

Apple’s tablets have also received an annual refresh: the iPad Air has received an M1 chip, while the iPad Pro series has moved to the M2. The real news was the iPad 10, which inaugurates a new design with a square edge and which (finally) puts the Lightning port in the closet. Two major problems tarnish the picture: the tablet is far too expensive for entry-level and requires the use of an adapter to use the Apple Pencil 1.

Apple has also updated its watches with a series 8 that gets a temperature sensor and a slightly more powerful SE 2. The star of the Keynote was undoubtedly the Apple Watch Ultra, Apple’s first real attempt to expand its watch range with a larger case and a battery that can keep for several days. The long-awaited AirPods Pro 2 have also had their effect: They get better noise reduction, improved sound and a bigger battery.

Apple Watch Ultra.

On the computer side, we were treated to the launch of a brand new category of Mac: Mac Studio! The bike is inspired by the design of the Mac mini to aim for the power of a Mac Pro. It came with the expensive Studio Display, a 5K screen that probably retired some aging Cinema Displays.

There has also been news about portable machines. A brand new MacBook Air was shown, which received a notch and brought back the MagSafe port. It embeds an M2 chip, just like the MacBook Pro 13 “, which unfortunately does not inherit a new design. Finally, let’s not forget the Apple TV 4K, one of the latest products announced this year.

Mac Studio and its Studio screen.

And you, what is your favorite product this year?


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