What is the strongest coffee in the world?

The strongest coffee in the world would be discouraged by doctors, especially because of too much caffeine in a single cup.

Looking for a cup of coffee to stay awake as long as possible is not the healthiest task for the human body. Of course, caffeine is an interesting ally to find or keep in shape while improving your concentration. But profits may be closer than you think. The Mayo Clinic website estimates that for a healthy adult, the maximum amount of caffeine that can be safely consumed daily is 400 milligrams (mg).

Up to 400 mg of caffeine per day is recommended: what represents…?

If you want to reach that 400 mg limit, you can reach it with four cups of brewed coffee, ten cans of Coke or two energy drinks. However, we’re told that depending on the beverage, the actual caffeine content can vary significantly, especially for those that boast the delivery of a fast form.

“Black Insomnia”: the strongest or one of the strongest coffees?

We could avoid these calculations and go towards the coffee known to be the strongest of all. However, if Black Insomnia is designated as such, its official site only presents it as such “one of the strongest coffees in the world”.

A cup of this drink is not even recommended

On the Black Insomnia website we also read that according to laboratory tests, “Black Insomnia coffee contains 1,105 mg of caffeine per 340 gram cup. That’s 4 times the caffeine of your average cup of coffee.” In other words, a single cup of this coffee would greatly exceed the daily maximum recommended by doctors.

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