What is the ideal morning routine?

How to get up on the right foot for an ideal day in great shape? Whether it’s when to wake up, how long to eat breakfast, or when to choose the first step of the day, a study from the British Science Association may have the answer to the ideal morning routine.

Get out of bed at 7:12 a.m.

The latter analyzed 2,000 people in Great Britain, to establish the perfect routine to put in place in the morning. “The perfect routine is to wake up at 6:44 a.m., get out of bed at 7:12 a.m., do a twenty-one-minute workout, take a ten-minute shower, then spend eighteen minutes on breakfast. -lunch,” according to The Independent.

For those who want a way to perfect their schedule when they wake up, a formula that can be adapted to everyone has even been put in place.

A mathematical calculation

First, double the time you spend eating breakfast. Then do the same with the number of minutes you spend exercising and showering. You will also need to subtract the total number of hours you slept the previous night from the optimal recommendation of eight hours. So, if you slept six hours, your number is therefore: 2 (8 – 6). Then calculate the difference in hours between the time you get out of bed and 7:12 a.m. Divide the time spent eating, showering and exercising by the time spent sleeping and getting up. With the result of the division, add the number of minutes spent on other morning activities: getting ready or watching a series, divided by two.

The end result tells you the “ideal amount of time” you should devote to your morning routine. If that time is above 37, your morning routine is “optimized for happiness.” Otherwise, your day may start off badly…

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