What is “nice girl” syndrome?

The nice girl tends to forget herself to put others first in her life choices.

While many people have accommodating behaviors, the “nice girl” is a woman who puts aside her own desire to make room for others and always needs their approval. Beyond empathy, this syndrome can be a source of suffering, even depression.

How to Recognize “Nice Girl” Syndrome

Most often, the person who suffers from this syndrome conditions their choices on how others perceive them rather than in relation to their own needs. She can’t manage to disobey or express her disagreement or anger.

She also tends to think that what others say is more true than her own feelings and to always convince the other that she is a good person.

What are the consequences and how to get out of it?

The consequences of the “nice girl” syndrome are far from negligible since she can suffer not only from a very pervasive feeling of guilt, which can lead to depression, as well as anxiety often linked to self-criticism and frustration, which can trigger anxiety attacks, for example.

To get out of it, it is important to work on your own needs without the approval of others and learn to express your disagreement in a constructive way through a different communication with those close to you.

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