What is Google News?

If you are looking for news on the Internet, Google News is a great tool that allows you to search and therefore find information about current events in real time.

In this article, you can find everything you need to know to be unbeatable on Google News.

Google News, what is it?

First of all, Google News, commonly called Google News in France, is a free tool from Google that specializes in the distribution of news. Google News automatically presents complete and up-to-date information from various sources on the Internet.

To provide information to its users, Google News selects its sources in the countries where the service is offered. For example, Google News lists over 500 French sources, and Google News lists about 4,500 English sources. Each selected source is scanned several times a day by Google Robots, the Google bot that indexes new articles. The latter then uses an algorithm to analyze the content of the article and determine the topic.

Everything you need to know about how Google News works

The operation of Google News is simple, there is a part that deals with news collection and distribution, and the other part is for news search.

Collection and distribution of news on Google News

By collecting daily articles from selected news sites in countries where the service is available, Google News provides relevant current information. The algorithms then classify the collected articles according to the following criteria:

  • Language.
  • The country.
  • The relevance of the articles.
  • The quality of the content.
  • Notorious links and sources.
  • The date the items were created.

Additionally, Google News also does a good job of organizing by grouping articles on the same topic. Every day, Google News receives a list of the most relevant headlines and assigns them main articles and other relevant articles.

News search on Google News

It is also important to know that Google News is also a search engine that allows users to search and find news on specific topics. In practice, Google News works like Google Search, but the only difference is that the content is always related to the news.

Google News displays results based on users’ interests and preferences. In addition to that, if you use Google News, you will find very different categories such as:

  • Local news.
  • Financial news.
  • News about science and technology.
  • Entertainment news.
  • News related to sports.
  • Health news.

Another important point to address, the news appears at the top of the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and this when Google detects keywords related to the news. Then Google News can offer quality and relevant news content that comes from multiple links and sources found on Google.

The main advantages of Google News

Google News is a tool that is used by more and more people, in addition, it is also a service that is becoming more and more recognizable as it appears in traditional searches. If you have a website and want to improve your SEO, Google News can therefore have several advantages.

Thanks to this tool, you will be able to enjoy great visibility but also generate more traffic. However, it is not easy to take advantage of this huge advantage, because it is difficult to stop at Google News suggestions. If the content is current, it will therefore appear for several days in the search results. To get your content featured on Google News, cover the news as often as possible.

To summarize, therefore, Google News offers many advantages, especially for press publishers.

google news in france

How to improve your SEO ranking with Google News?

In order for your site to appear on Google News, you must follow the general guidelines as well as the technical guidelines. If these two guidelines are met, Google may relist your site on Google News.

It’s important to know that not all sites are accepted by Google News, so it’s important to improve yours. For example, you can create news categories for your site to properly categorize your content. Writing your content is the first step to working in the news. To do this, you need to manage all news publications without exception and write quality content.

In relation to your articles about the news, they must be related to the latter. All content you post must be original and may not be copied. As a writer, you must therefore create unique content. When publishing an article, it is advisable to highlight the author’s name as well as the publishers’ contact information. For information, Google News must process accurate facts and must not contain any misleading representation. This also helps prevent the spread of fake news.

Here are some tips to improve your SEO on Google News:

  • You need to create news content at the right time, if you publish an article too late, it will not cover the news.
  • You need to create unique content to deliver quality articles to your readers.
  • You must write and present your content with care.

If you apply these tips to the letter, you will not only win with your readers, but also with Google News.

In short, Google News is a very interesting tool that allows you to discover the news in good time, but also to improve the reference to press publishers.

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