what does the brand have in store for us in 2023? iPhone, wearables and services


iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus

For starters, it’s obviously the iPhone 15s that will take center stage by the end of next year. Under the hull, few things should change, but the design is likely to be re-evaluated in the meantime. Indeed, some are whispering that the iPhone 15 will have more rounded edges on the back, like a certain iPhone 5c of its time. In addition, the device could ditch physical buttons in favor of haptic feedback, including for volume. However, don’t expect to see a model land with it USB-C connector currently. The European Commission has decided to force the manufacturers to start, but Cupertino has until the end of 2024 to get up to speed.

iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max

Not surprisingly, the supposed iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max will also be there towards the end of the third quarter of 2023. We should find the triple rear photo sensor with LiDAR capable of taking more successful night shots. The iPhone 15 Pro will continue to be the only ones entitled to a ProMotion refresh rate of one hundred and twenty frames per second, unlike the “classic” iPhone 15s. Of course, let’s remember that again it’s about rumors that the manufacturer does not officially confirm.

iOS 17

In addition to the old models, new iPhones had to be compatible with the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system. Probably titled iOS 17, this one will definitely focus on privacyas often since Tim Cook’s arrival at the head of the publisher.

No iPhone SE 4 yet

If more corridor noise already evokes a fourth generation iPhone SE, this is still too far for most informants. Its format could soon resume the iPhone XR, but there again it would be necessary to wait 2024 to accommodate Face ID on the mid-range collection.


On the service side, however, Apple has no hesitation in waiting for us some nice surprises with e.g. streaming app 100% dedicated to classical music. Major Apple TV+ titles are also in production, including:

  • Argyllmovie starring Bryan Cranston, Dua Lipa, Henry Cavill and Samuel Lee Jackson
  • Bad bloodwhich will track the downfall of Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos, with Jennifer Lawrence in the title role
  • Foundationseason 2
  • Ghostedfilm starring Chris Evans and Scarlett Johansson and directed by Dexter Fletcher (bohemian rhapsody, Rocket man)
  • Grateful Deada biopic about the eponymous band starring Jonah Hill and directed by Martin Scorsese
  • Lady in the lakeseries with Natalie Portman
  • a documentary about Michael J. Fox (Back to the Future)
  • Presumed innocentminiseries produced by JJ Abrams
  • Seeseason 3 with Jason Momoa
  • The last thing he told mewith Jennifer Garner
  • The mosquito coastseason 2 by Justin Theroux

Also note that several clues suggest that Apple is preparingiPhone with subscription, at least in the US. Currently, it is only possible to spread the payment during a purchase in France, but the rental, which could allow the model to be changed when a new one is released, remains only offered by third parties.

Any new accessories?

Now let’s move on to wearables. As every year, next to the iPhone, connected watches will also be presented, if Apple does not deviate from its habits. Then we could discoverApple Watch Series 9, but nothing has been mentioned about a possible Apple Watch Ultra 2 yet. The current version is already very powerful and just released, it is also hard to imagine the manufacturer rushing before validating the success of this first edition. We can also cite the case of AirPods Max, which dates from December 2020. New colors are expected, but again, nothing is specified regarding 2023 to date.

For the home, on the other hand, an even more affordable Apple TV would apparently be on the cards and still with 4K definition.

© Unsplash / Omar Rodríguez

iPad: not much new on the horizon

Apple tablets are the best selling tablets of all brands today. The American company therefore has every possible interest in developing new models every year, but the benefits to customers have been mixed with recent generations. Perhaps apart from the iPad 10, which has suddenly acquired an appearance that puts an end to the range’s iconic curves.

So of course we’ve heard here and there about more efficient screens or even features similar to macOS, but not enough to whip a cat.

virtual reality headset

No, THE real reveal of 2023 will probably be the famous VR headset that Apple has been secretly preparing for several years now. According to our colleagues from iPhon.fr, users could enjoy a first taste in January, where the operating system would be in the spotlight. The presentation of the device would ask that it wait until the worldwide developer conference, which usually takes place in June. As for marketing, the schedule will aim the end of 2023 as soon as possible, but stock will be limited. In case of delay (easily possible on such a project) or breakage, the waiting time will be longer.

Apple VR headset patent

an Apple patent on a VR headset concept © USPTO / Apple

New Macs

Finally, you should know that Apple also works as every year to create new laptops and desktop computers.

A new Mac Pro in 2022

The first is the new Mac Pro, the release of which is almost certain. In fact, Apple had announced at the end of 2020 that it wanted to update all its computers to the program Apple silicon which consists of designing its own chips instead of Intel processors. And in just two years. But as we can see by going to the Apple Store, the 2019 Mac Pro is far from matching this description…

The machine is therefore clearly overdue, but its next version, which will no doubt arrive in 2023, will automatically be considered the most powerful Mac ever designed. Note that a version still compatible with Intel components may be in preparation at the same time, but as often Apple has not officially confirmed the news…

Mac Pro

Mac Pro © MKBHD

MacBook Pro and Mac mini M2

With this, it is the 14-inch MacBook Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro that should be renewed. We should see them land in stores with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips, if the manufacturer does not change anything in its nomenclature, always with notch in front of. Given that the current versions have already seriously revolutionized the range (return of MagSafe, HDMI port, SD card reader and notch), don’t expect more than a minor update though.

Apple’s latest foal for 2023: Mac mini, with M2 chip. Here again, the product has been waited for long enough to guarantee an almost certain forecast regarding commercialization. The date is still unknown, but Cupertino often reveals Macs during the Worldwide Developer Conference keynote in June.

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