Weight loss: this unsuspected activity can make you lose up to 12 kg according to science

Slimming down or getting a nice hourglass figure is a challenge, and maintaining it can be just as difficult. However, it turns out that an activity you do every day can bring you closer to your goal. Experts then point to the potential benefits of a good night’s rest for weight loss. They will also explain the negative effects of lack of sleep on health. Then discover without further delay the details in the following paragraphs!

Weight loss: Can lack of sleep increase appetite?

Some studies claim that sleep affects appetite. While we often think of appetite as just a matter of stomach growls, it’s actually controlled by neurotransmitters. FYI, they are chemical messengers allowing neurons (nerve cells) to communicate with each other.

Moreover, the neurotransmitters ghrelin and leptin play a central role in appetite. Ghrelin promotes hunger, while leptin contributes to the feeling of satiety. The body naturally increases and decreases levels of these neurotransmitters throughout the day.

They thus signal the need to consume calories. A lack of sleep can then affect the regulation of these chemical messengers by the body. Which greatly affects the process of your weight loss.

Lack of sleep leads to metabolism deregulation

In addition, several studies have indicated that lack of sleep affects food preferences. Sleep deprived people tend to choose foods that are high in calories and carbohydrates. Nutrients that are not at all your allies during a weight loss diet!

Metabolism is a chemical process involving the body. The latter then converts what we eat and drink in energy necessary for our survival. While activities like exercise can temporarily increase it, sleep cannot.

In fact, the metabolism slows down by about 15% during sleep and reaches its lowest level in the morning. Your digestive system can then experience a disruption when you lack sleep. Whether due to self-induction or insomnia! And sleeping less can disrupt circadian rhythms, destabilizing weight loss.

Weight loss: Go to bed instead!

Sleep loss can lead to a decrease in the energy needed for exercise and physical activity. Feeling tired can also make activities that require balance less impactful.

Yet it is well known that exercise is essential for maintaining weight loss and overall health. A short walk during the day can help improve sleep. But, more strenuous activity can have a greater impact.

However, did you know that it is possible to lose weight by extending your nights by two hours ? Sleep and weight loss experts point this out! Even if you sleep, know that the metabolism continues to function.

During your sleep, you could burn up to 200 extra calories! Want to lose weight without making too much effort? It would therefore be better to modify your routine by starting to go to bed earlier!

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