we already know the design of the rival of the Tesla Model S

Try Polestar 5: do we already know the design of the Tesla Model S rival?

Configure your Polestar 5 vehicle: we already know the design of the Tesla Model S rival or request a free trial.

The Polestar 5 is not expected before 2024 on our roads. But images from a patent filing now allow us to get a glimpse of this large electric sedan.

The Polestar Precept laid the foundations of true style for the brand in 2020. This concept will see the light of day in series becoming the future Polestar 5. In the meantime, the brand will have launched the Polestar 3 (this fall) and the Polestar 4 (next year) which will also carry the polar star genes. . Called to compete with the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan, the 5 will arrive in 2024 as the brand’s new flagship.

Polestar has already communicated widely on the arrival of this model, in particular about the various innovations it will bring such as the assembly of its aluminum body. But now we discover the first complete illustrations of the vehicle. 3D renderings from the patent filing with the European Office for the Protection of Intellectual Property.

From concept to production, the vehicle has retained most of its appeal. The major change comes from the doors. Like all concepts, the Precept used antagonistic doors without a center pillar. The standard version reverts to a more classic construction of frameless doors. The mirrors are also more classic, but the principle of the cameras could nevertheless be present on certain versions.

At the front, we will mainly note the disappearance of the air gap at the front of the bonnet, as well as the removal of the lidar at the top of the windshield. Undoubtedly for better integration, but like the rear-view mirrors, these illustrations can also show a model without this option more simply… It is now located between the boot opening and the large panoramic roof and incorporates the 3rd stop and the rear-view camera. The concept featured a shorter glass roof and an insert between it and the trunk.

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