watchOS 9: the Apple Watch becomes a digital pill box

The Apple Watch walks on two legs, one for sport and the other for health, and watchOS 9 accelerates its march forward. On the sports side, the Exercise application is inspired by Strava and Garmin to present more technical data. On the Health side, the Sleep application now follows the rest phases, and the new Treatments application… reminds you to take your pills.

The Processing application of watchOS 9.

With the Treatment application, the Apple Watch becomes a kind of digital pill box. You can add your treatments in the section of the same name in the Health application on your iPhone. Apple allows you to indicate a name, then to choose the galenic form (stamp, capsule, cream, or even device), and the possible dosage.

Adding a new treatment.

The application differentiates between regular treatments, which it will remind you to take according to the frequency indicated, and one-time treatments, which you can add manually. This digital pill box can be the perfect mirror of your real pill box, since you can customize the shape and color of your treatment icons.

Personalization of treatment.

You won’t miss a reminder, since the Apple Watch vibrates frantically when it’s time for pills. Still, the watch is not necessary, since the reminder is also sent to your iPhone. The Health application keeps the history of medication intake, even after archiving an old treatment, and allows you to export a list of active treatments in PDF format.

Section Treatments of the Health app.


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