watchOS 9 is incompatible with the Apple Watch Series 3… still sold by Apple

While Apple continues to sell the Apple Watch Series 3, the next version of watchOS will not be compatible with this model. watchOS 9 indeed requires Series 4 at least, paired with an iPhone 8 or iPhone SE 2nd generation at least, compatible with iOS 16.

This probably makes the Series 3 one of the worst products currently in Apple’s catalog. Admittedly, the little watch will always prove useful, including blocked at watchOS 8, but it is now very difficult to recommend its purchase. The glass half full is that developers will not have the heavy burden of adapting their apps to the small screen of this model.

This reinforces the rumor that the Series 3 will be withdrawn from sale this fall.


The Apple Watch Series 3 would finally be withdrawn from sale this year


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