WatchOS 9: all the new Apple Watch features expected at WWDC 2022

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference starts next Monday from 7 p.m. in France. Among the expected novelties, we will probably get a glimpse of the next major software update for the Apple Watch. This will likely be WatchOS 9 which is expected to launch alongside iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 updates for the iPhone and iPad.

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Based on the rumors and indiscretions circulating, here’s a look at the new features that could arrive with WatchOS 9.

A new low power mode

Apple hasn’t made any major improvements to the Apple Watch’s battery life recently, but a fix may be coming soon. According
Bloomberg, a new low power mode would arrive with WatchOS 9 to allow you to run certain applications and functions while consuming less energy. This mode appears to be different from the Apple Watch’s power saving mode, which only displays the time and disables other features to preserve battery life…

Car accident detection

The Apple Watch is already able to detect a bad fall. In the future, it might be able to detect car accidents. According to the
wall street journal, Apple plans to use sensors in the iPhone and Apple Watch to identify car crashes in real time. This new feature could arrive this year. It looks similar to what Google already offers on its Pixel smartphones, which automatically calls emergency services and shares location in the event of a car accident.

New health features, including medication reminders

Health has been a top priority for Apple for years.
Bloomberg says the brand could add new tools to the Health app, including medication reminders and new features for sleep tracking and women’s health.

If confirmed, it’s likely that these additions will show up on the Apple Watch in some way, even if only through notifications. Bloomberg explains that the medication management function would allow you to scan boxes in the iPhone’s Health application and receive reminders.

Improved detection of atrial fibrillation

Apple could also improve how its watches can detect atrial fibrillation, a common type of heart arrhythmia that can increase the risk of stroke. WatchOS 9 could enable so-called “charging” detection, according to
Bloombergor how often a person has atrial fibrillation over a period of time.

New workout dials and types

With every WatchOS update comes new watch faces and workout additions. Bloomberg understands that this will be the case for WatchOS 9 but did not provide details on this subject.

Compatibility with older Apple Watch models

Apple’s last two software updates were compatible with models as old as the Series 3, but there’s a chance that will change this year. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo
think that the Series 3 could be pulled from the market because it will not be able to receive WatchOS 9. This would mean that the new update would be reserved for Apple Watch Series 4 and later. To confirm.

Launch of WatchOS 9 in September

If Apple sticks to its usual launch pace, we can expect to see WatchOS 9 in September. The update usually arrives alongside a new watch model, with 2021 being an exception. (Apple launched WatchOS 8 in September, but didn’t release the Apple Watch Series 7 until October).

Our WatchOS 9 Wishlist

WatchOS 9 will no doubt bring its fair share of new features, but there are a few features we’re hoping for. We’d like more detailed sleep tracking, features to help rest and recover after a workout, the ability to adjust activity goals for different days of the week, and more CPU usage. U1.

If all of this information proves to be accurate, health and wellness will once again be major themes in the upcoming WatchOS software update. It will pair perfectly with the Apple Watch Series 8, which, according to Bloomberg and the WSJwill be the first to be equipped with a thermometer. article adapted by CNETFrance

Images: Lisa Eadicicco, Lexy Savvides and Sarah Tew/CNET

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