Watch your ears, a karaoke mode is coming to Apple Music soon

Apple has just announced for December the availability of Apple Music Sing, a karaoke feature for Apple Music. Something to liven up evenings with friends.

Owners of the iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4K will be able to take advantage of the brand new karaoke mode that Apple is launching soon. Alone or in a group, the mode lets you sing along to thousands of songs.

A logical development of text display

According to Vice President of Apple Music and Beats, Oliver Schusser, in a statement, displaying lyrics on Apple Music is one of the app’s most popular features. “We already know that our users like to follow their favorite songs, so we wanted to further develop this offering to allow a wider engagement around music through song. » In this brand new mode, the lyrics will appear in rhythm to best accompany budding singers.

The text will be displayed according to the person who is going to sing, and it will be possible to reduce or increase the volume of the basic song. ©Apple

For example, lyrics for background or chorus vocals will be displayed differently than the lead vocals so they don’t mix. It will be possible to sing in the duet. The application displays a special display that shows one singer’s lyrics on one side and the other’s lyrics on the other side of the screen.

Adjust the volume

Apple Music Sing will also offer a very interesting feature. It will be possible to adjust the sound level of the vocals on the song. Thus, it can take up more or less space during the karaoke session depending on the skills of the person behind the microphone. However, Apple warns that it will not be possible to completely reduce the volume of the song. The apple brand announces that in the future it will be possible to sing along to millions of songs from the Apple Music catalog.

Meanwhile, from its launch scheduled for this December, Apple Music Sing will have 50 playlists dedicated to karaoke, filled with hits to sing alone, in duos or in groups. The feature will be available on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV 4K. You must have an Apple Music subscription, available from €10.99 per month after recent price increases. Apple Music Voice subscribers at €4.99 per month will not be able to take advantage of the karaoke mode.

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