Watch out for these 10 foods that you should avoid at all costs according to the experts!

According to food experts, some foods we eat every day can be harmful to our health.

When one speaks to follow a healthy diet, it’s all about choosing whole ingredients that will nourish our bodies. They will also help us feel your best. However, a certain balance will have to be ensured!

Thus, eating ice cream or dark chocolate in addition to fruits and vegetables will help you enjoy the little pleasures of life. And all this while adopting a healthy diet! In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with a list of consumptions to avoid according to professional dieticians.

Food: the opinion of the experts

In terms of diet, most of us think dairy products are bad for our health. On the one hand, we can say that this statement is true! Indeed, an excess of milk or cheese consumption can very well increase the level of plasma homocysteine ​​in our organism. More precisely in our blood.

However, that doesn’t mean dairy products are harmful for everyone. Indeed, the nutrition consultant, Julie Andrews brings us more explanations on this subject. She claims that there are ingredients that contain an impressive amount of fatty acid, which most people do not tolerate. While for others it is not a problem. Basically, we can say that food is subjective.

But overall, there are foods that we should absolutely banish from our current diet ! Still according to the nutrition expert: “there are certain ingredients that have very little nutritional support”. And by dint of consuming too much, it only harms the proper functioning of our body!

The foods you will see in the following paragraph are the ones you should avoid or limit in your diet as long as you can. If one of your favorite ingredients is on the list, well, it’s sorting out the foods you have in your fridge.

Foods to avoid

Consider quitting the habit of drinking energy drinks and keeping some at home! Instead, opt for a natural diet such as tea or coffee. to get your caffeine the natural way ! This does not necessarily mean that you cannot consume it! But first, take the time to read the labels! You will have to avoid those that contain a lot of sugars or strange ingredient names that you do not know!

The same goes for cans of diet soda ! These contain a large amount of artificial sweeteners. And are obviously very harmful to health. When talking about food, the ideal is to always favor 100% natural products. It’s always better than facing serious illnesses like diabetes or worse, cancer!

Also consider banishing pretzels made from refined grains from your diet. These crackers don’t bring nothing nutritionally beneficial explains the dietitian. You can consume it but in moderation. Be aware that there are other crunchy foods that are rich in fiber, such as carrot or jicama sticks or wholemeal crackers!

Also stop adding liquid non-dairy creamers to your black coffee. The results of studies claim that these contain a high rate of corn syrup. In excess, it increases liver fat and will endanger your liver. Instead, opt for organic cream from grass-fed cows.

Food: the list is not finished yet!

And we continue the list of foods to avoid in your diet with light peanut butter. According to the explanations of the experts, when the product is lightened, the good fats are replaced by other components. Again, always bet on “natural” products. The same goes for non-organic strawberries. It seems that the latter are stuffed with pesticides!

It is true that diets based on dried meats have more spicy and tasty tastes. Except that they cause heart problems and in particular hypertension. Just try to balance them. Also be careful not to consume too much tile fish since the latter contains a high content of in mercury. Which can lead to poisoning in case of excess!

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