Volkswagen dealership sells even more expensive Teslas

To make a profit, even Volkswagen dealers are starting to sell Teslas.

With us, the Tesla Model 3 is a victim of its own success. Its base price has indeed just increased by more than 7000€ in just a few weeks. And even with a starting bill now set at €50,990, delivery times have become extremely long.

Even in the United States, you have to be patient to get your Model 3. And there too, the price of the electric sedan has risen a lot recently: it is now $46,990 for the base model. But this used copy offered for sale by a Volkswagen dealership in Florida is asking for $66,224. It has 2,084 miles on the odometer, just over 3,000 kilometres.


The dealer justifies this additional cost of nearly 10,000 dollars with a large list of options, including a complete treatment of the bodywork, tires inflated with nitrogen or even over-tinted windows. But anyway, even in the United States, second-hand Model 3s are often more expensive than new models…

Via Tesla Owners Group

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