Vitamin D overdose: the infant spends two weeks in the hospital, the poignant testimony of a mother

Victim of an overdose of vitamin D, an infant fell seriously ill. He was hospitalized for two weeks in the hospital. His mother testifies and explains how this nightmarish situation could have happened.

It is a real nightmare that these parents lived. After an unsuspected overdose of vitamin D, a young infant ended up in hospital in intensive care. The fault of a food supplement not suitable for children, chosen after the advice of a health professional, reports The Parisian.

A supplement purchased on the Internet

In the maternity ward, the infant was intolerant to ZymaD, a drug containing vitamin D. The family chiropractor then recommended that the parents substitute the drug with Ergy D or Sunday Natural. The couple then opted for the Sunday Natural food supplement that they bought on the Internet, in a concentration that they then thought was correct, namely “10,000 IU”, as with ZymaD. However, the dosage of “10,000 IU” corresponds to a drop and not a milliliter, a precision written in German.

The parents then give the supplement to the infant, and observe a decrease in weight gain. Unfortunately, a few days later the child contracts Covid-19, classic symptoms but his state of health continues to deteriorate. “We said to ourselves, stop, something is wrong, we have to go to the emergency room,” recalls Alicia, the mother.

“We almost killed our baby”

At the hospital, the caregivers find nephrocalcinosis, a calcium deposit in the kidney, and a heart problem. The staff then makes the link with the vitamin D overdose. The infant is then placed in intensive care and treated for two weeks. “If we put things coldly, we say to ourselves that we almost killed our baby. This prospect haunts me even more than it makes me feel guilty”, explains Alicia to the Parisian. Fortunately, the toddler should have no sequelae.

Following the incident, the mother wishes to alert young parents to the risks of vitamin D overdose: “This is my second child, my father is a doctor, we pay attention to everything, lists Alicia. on a dietary supplement? If it’s happened to us, it can happen to anyone.”

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