Viral challenge for “geniuses”: only 8% spotted the error in the image

The website viral challenges became very popular in Facebook and others social networks. More and more people are putting their skills to the test by trying to solve riddles or visual puzzles. However, not everyone manages to find the winning outcome. In this case, will have to find out what the error in the image is if they want to be among the 8% who got it right.

This challenge may seem simple, but it has a level of complexity suitable for experts in guessing games. This is a challenge where you will have to pay close attention to detail, so that nothing goes unnoticed before the estimated time of one minute (60 seconds) is up.

What is it about ? Participants will have an image with a series of numbers from 0 to 9. They all follow a logical sequence and are organized into 10 different groups, with four numbers inside. However, in some of them there is an error that is very difficult to distinguish.

If you are ready to find out what your visual and mathematical abilities really are, you cannot miss this game which is going viral on different platforms. It should be noted that 92% of people could not solve it.Can you?

The visual puzzle

What is the error in the image?

In the rows of numbers, there is a row that does not coincide with the others. An almost imperceptible but true detail that negates all the previous logic: put the clock on and in less than a minute you have to guess what’s wrong with the picture!

Solution to the puzzle

If you have already found or anticipated the solution to the problem, you can see the correct answer below. It’s about giving free rein to your mental agility… Do you understand? Look !

The default image is in the 0000s. In this case, the first 0 is not a number, but rather the letter “O”. If you didn’t find the result, don’t be discouraged, there will be several challenges in the future where you can hone your visual skills and beat your opponents.

What is a Viral Challenge?

This is an exercise that tests people’s cognitive abilities by requiring them to perform a task. Although there is no concise definition of this compound expression, the Real Academia Española indicates that the word reto means: “Objective or undertaking difficult to achieve, and which therefore constitutes a stimulus and a challenge for those who face it”.

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