Vinfast opens its first point of sale in Paris opposite Tesla!

The Vietnamese producer Vinfast has just opened its first Parisian outlet. The first in France who will call others.

As expected, Vinfast puts its first farmers in Europe with the opening of a physical store in Cologne, Germany, and another in Paris, located in the capital’s 8th arrondissement, on the chic boulevard Malesherbes, almost opposite the store… Tesla! The Asian manufacturer, which will, however, rely mainly on the Internet to take orders for its vehicles that will run on the old continent by the end of the year (the VF8 and VF9 SUVs), will therefore also have a physical presence in Europe.

Vinfast expands across the old continent© Vinfast

Paris and then Marseilles

Vinfast thus aims in the long term at least 20 physical points in France (including others soon in Marseille, Rennes, Montpellier and Metz), 25 in Germany and 5 in the Netherlands: “I think that VinFast’s sales network will represent a reliable connection to European customers throughout their journey of purchasing electric vehicles and will provide them with practical and optimal assistance in their transition to sustainable mobility”, emphasized Ho Thanh Huong, CEO of Vinfast Europe on this topic.

Published it 07/12/2022 Up to date 07/12/2022

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