VIDEO. United States: a Tesla crashes at more than 110 km / h and crosses a building

On May 4, a Tesla crashed into the Columbus Convention Center in Ohio and ended up inside the center. CCTV footage shows the car speeding through a junction and crashing into the building. The driver told officers he was going 70 mph, or 113 km/h. According to the driver, the accident was due to the damaged brakes of his car. Witnesses deny the version of the driver. According to them, he would have accelerated to pass the orange light and simply did not slow down to turn.

Tesla still accused of “technical failures”

The investigation, which has not yet started, will have to determine if the brakes of the car are at the origin of the accident. The worst was avoided, the crash caused no casualties. According to initial estimates, the cost of repairs to the building is between 250,000 and 300,000 dollars. The car is out of order.

The brand of millionaire Elon Musk is once again accused of problems of “technical failures”. In December 2021, the accelerator of a Tesla had “stuck”, leaving one dead and around twenty injured, in Paris. The driver was charged with “manslaughter and involuntary injury”. For its part, Tesla refutes the accusations of technical failure, despite vehicle recalls and hundreds of complaints.

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