VIDEO – They buy the Tesla from Superchargers

Two middle-aged men liked a lucky owner’s Tesla so much that they approached a little closer… They wanted to look at the details of this jewel. Before trying to try it! It didn’t work so they walked away, but the video is quite fun to watch. Here it is here for you exclusively:

Apparently they thought this Tesla was free to test. And it was their lucky day! What a disappointment must have been theirs when they realized that they would have nothing to gain from it.

Test the Tesla!

Maybe if the two men had asked, the owner of the Tesla they wanted would have said yes… Who knows? Or maybe he would have taken them for a ride? All options are open, because in the end, they were content to inspect and touch without being given the right.

Like what, politeness is not acquired for everyone.

Tesla is watching

What’s fun to notice is that the owner was able to film them from the front and then from the back. Finally, it shows a complete control of the environment close to his Tesla, which is rather reassuring. If he sees, he can react!

Here, he preferred to be a discreet observer rather than confront the two elderly men. It’s his choice, but he could have decided to react positively (proposal) or negatively (confrontation). We let you watch it to make your own opinion and we are waiting for you in the comments!

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