Version 3 of Speedometer, Apple’s web benchmark, will be developed with Google and Mozilla

A third fairy looks at Speedometer, the web benchmark developed by Apple since 2014. In addition to Apple, the measurement tool made way for Google in 2018 for its version 2.0. And version 3.0 in development has a new godmother on board, Mozilla!

This future large version of Speedometer is designed in the spirit of sharing and on a model of ” joint governance », Explain Google. It is ” build a common understanding of web performance [des navigateurs] (…) to help users “.

Unlike other benchmarking tools, Speedometer 3 was envisioned from the start as ” a joint industry effort », abounds Mozilla. ” To build [cette version] will be a lot of work, but working together will give us a chance to build a better version that will accelerate the web for years to come “.

The work is done in the open on GitHub, but the three partners recommend using version 2.1, stable.


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