USB-C: India, on the other hand, uses the universal charger and has the Apple Watch in its sights

India is following in Europe’s footsteps: mobile devices sold in the country will soon have a USB-C port as a charging port. A meeting was held this summer between the Indian government and representatives of the industry, and the news was formalized in Standard business Tuesday. Manufacturers have until March 2025 to get on board.

Credit: Marcus Urbenz, Unsplash

While the measure clearly targets the iPhone and its Lightning port, the Indian government is also considering the possibility of introducing a standardized charger for portable devices. This should apply to watches and other connected wristbands. ” The government will provide two common types of charging ports for mobile phones and portable electronic devices ยป, explains the secretary in the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. No further details have been released at this time.

The paper explains that the 2025 deadline was chosen taking into account global supply chain constraints and product availability. It follows the European calendar: it is at the end of 2024 that the integration of a USB-C port will be mandatory on a large number of devices marketed on the old continent.


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