Unusual. This English brasserie is so dirty that the hygiene services close it immediately

“There is a lack of knowledge in basic hygiene gestures, such as the importance of washing hands”, notes the inspector’s report. This burger restaurant in Handforth, near Manchester in the UK, suffered a disastrous hygiene check, the words of which were reported by local newspapers CheshireLive and Manchester Evening News.

Everything is dirty, food storage rules are not respected…

The list of horrors never ends. The inspector noted, among other things: trails of slug slime on a cutting board, ice cream cones placed on the floor without packaging, toilets whose lid is unhooked and whose door opens directly onto the kitchen , raw meat stored without a lid, other pieces of meat outside the fridge…

On top of that, the walls in the kitchen are damp, the bins are not closed, the floor is dirty, as are the toilets, the microwave or the dishcloths. Employees were cutting food on dirty boards, without washing their hands. Some foods in the fridges have passed their expiration date.

“You have no protocol for customers with allergies,” laments the inspector.

The owner claims administrative difficulties

The restaurant owner replied that he takes “food hygiene very seriously”. To justify these multiple errors, he spoke of administrative difficulties in the month preceding the control. But if this can possibly explain the expiry dates exceeded or the repairs which have not been made, these problems have a priori nothing to do with cleanliness.

The media do not give more details on what will happen now for the restaurant. “We have considered all the recommendations, and having discussed with the Board of Inspectors, we hope to obtain a score of 4 or 5 out of 5 on Friday [15 avril] said the restaurant owner.

It is therefore not known whether the establishment will have to close permanently or not. But with this description of the state of the kitchens, customers may not rush.

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