Unsuspected uses of moisturizer

It is not only useful for the skin

We all have a jar or a tube of moisturizer at home. Besides the fact that it heals our skin, it can also be used in other daily routines. It is better for this to favor natural and fragrance-free creams. It can also be replaced by shea butter, Aloe Vera, or a vegetable oil, such as jojoba, coconut, olive oil… A short list of the other uses of the moisturizer.

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  • Fade stretch marks : If you have stretch marks, you can apply cream to my affected areas, massaging and lightly pulling them. This will also allow your skin to hydrate and therefore regain its elasticity.
  • makeup remover : All you have to do is apply it on a cotton ball. It is an excellent product for not irritating the skin. On the other hand, remember to cleanse your skin afterwards, because the creams are greasy and risk clogging your pores.
  • Concealer : Before going to bed, massage the eye contour with cream to moisturize and plump up the eye contour. Obviously, in case of contact with the inside of the eye, rinse immediately with clear water.
  • Anti-frizz : Spread a little between your fingers, not too much so as not to grease your hair and apply where you want.
  • Tame the curls : Heat some cream in your palms. Apply to still damp hair, working your way up your ends, scrunching them up. Or, by drawing your curls with the tips of your fingers.

But also…

  • Feed the leather: The moisturizing cream will revive and nourish your leather furniture, bags or shoes. Apply it on a cloth or cotton and spread it.
  • cream blush : The cream blush is one of the major makeup trends of the moment. A very simple homemade recipe for the latter consists of mixing a little lipstick with moisturizer.
  • After Sun : The moisturizer, hydrates, by definition. It will therefore nourish your skin after it has been exposed to the sun. You can even put it in the fridge, which will relieve you even more. Be careful, this trick is to be avoided in case of sunburn, because the fat of the cream will lock in the skin and the heat. It will therefore continue to burn.
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