Ultenic K10: an Airfryer connected with Alexa and Google Assistant

The concept of the Airfryer dates back a few years ago with SEB and its oil-free fryer. It then improved a lot and now comes to us from Asia or the United States, where fried food is abundant. The concept is simple, offering the same performance as a deep fryer, but without adding any oil. The goal will not be to test the principle of the air fryer but to discover the first connected version that we are testing. The Ultenic K10.

Introducing the Ultenic K10

The connected air fryer measures 30cm x 26.49cm x 30.5cm and weighs 4.09kg. A compact device that will be easy to store and that you can easily leave on your work surface. On the top, you will find the control panel of the Ultenic K10 fryer with the “+” or “-” buttons for temperature or heating time settings. As well as 11 predefined programs for the main foods that we are used to preparing with: Fries, Chicken wings, Steak, Shrimp, Fish, Onions, Pizza, Bacon, Baking, Bread (or cakes), Vegetables.

The Ultenic App

The application is certainly the most differentiating point of this airfryer. It is quite simple to set up, we create an account (yes again…), we plug in the machine, click on add a device and that’s it! It allows a lot of things that are either available on the fryer’s touch screen but also that are not. We will be able to launch all the programs already defined and seen above. But also preheat the last or keep your food warm. But where the app is really useful is with the ability to program its operation in advance. Imagine, you take food out of the freezer at 10 a.m., want to let it thaw for 2 hours before eating it at noon, no worries, everything will happen by itself and the smell will alert you that the meal is ready. A notification will also notify you of course.

Another point to note for the app, a recipe book is available, in French, for cooking with the Ultenic air fryer.

Alexa and Google Home

The fryer is sold as compatible with Alexa and it is. But, …, only in English. In French, it will only be possible to turn it on or off, which is completely useless because it does not activate the cooking. So if your Alexa or Google Assistant is in English no worries, but if they are in French, forget the compatibility with.

ultenic k10 airfryer button

What about the Ultenic K10?

The Ultenic K10 Oil-Free Fryer does not differ in its operation, which is very similar to the competition. A good air fryer, which works efficiently and will cook your food quickly. Its point of differentiation will above all be its connectivity. Good point for the app in French, bonus for the recipes in the app. In the end, we mainly use the app to program the airfryer because it’s more convenient, so this connectivity is a good thing. Negative point for Alexa which is not compatible in French. For 100€ during the promotion period (159€ normally), it’s a good deal, a good fryer with a practical connected side.

Ultenic K10 Oil-Free Fryer 5 L, Air Fryer with 11 Programs, French Online Menu, LED Touch Screen, Preheat and Keep Warm, BPA PFOA-Free Non-Stick Basket, 1500 W

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