Tzeferakos, the authentic Greek canteen on rue Monge

After introducing you to the excellent Grand Café d’Athènes in the 10th arrondissement, we change banks, head for the 5th and rue Monge, where Tzeferakos nestles, an authentic Hellenic canteen as we adore them. As in a delicious boui-boui in the Athenian district of Monastiraki or at the table of a Cycladic tavern, you can taste the best of traditional Greek family cuisine here. We make you discover this great address!

Little Greek escape at Tzeferakos

In a district teeming, it must be said, with Greek restaurants for tourists and small gyros stalls, a real Greek canteen stands out. Tzeferakos, a nugget shop on rue Monge, has been delighting regulars and the curious since it opened. Run by Iro and Ilias, who came to Paris to join their student daughter during the Greek crisis, the restaurant serves as a canteen and a haven for all lovers of Mediterranean gastronomy. It is not uncommon to hear a few words of Greek exchanged behind the counter or in the dining room.

Passed the door of the establishment which does not look like much at first glance, we are faced with a rather difficult choice: on which dish to set our sights? With a simple but devilishly effective menu, Tzeferakos offers traditional and gourmet cuisine. If you swear only by the great classics, you will have to opt for the delicious moussaka or the biftekia, made up of good beef balls with herbs and accompanied by baked potatoes. Alternatively, try the briam, a tasty mix of vegetables sprinkled with feta, or the incredible pastitsio made with macaroni, minced meat, fresh tomatoes and Greek cheeses. And if you’re in luck, the excellent youvetsi, a chuck of beef with tomato, will be available à la carte the day of your visit. As for drinks, count on traditional beers and wines from the country to accompany your sweet meal with the flavor of the Cyclades!

Here are all the ingredients for an excellent meal, it’s up to you!

Tzeferakos – 24, rue Monge, 75005

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