two women tracked down by their exes file a complaint against Apple

Apple’s AirTag is used by stalkers looking to track their prey. However, Apple has put in place measures to combat this scourge. But these are insufficient, according to two victims who have just filed a collective complaint against the apple.

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In the US, a man placed an AirTag in his girlfriend’s car to track her. Another piece of news that illustrates the root of the problem. Since their launch, AirTags have been massively misused for malicious purposes. A scourge denounced by two female victims of harassment due to the tracker. They have just filed a class action lawsuit against Apple in federal court in San Francisco.

The ex-partner of one of the victims had installed a tracker in the wheel arch of his car. That way he had been able to find out where she had moved to when she was just trying to escape from him. The second victim said the AirTag was placed by her ex-husband in her child’s backpack to track his movements.

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AirTag: Apple accused of negligence

The class-action complaint also cites instances of harassment that led to murder. We told you then: In Indianapolis, a woman used an AirTag to find her boyfriend before running him over with her car.

When it launched in April 2021, Apple assured that its tracker was “stalker proof”. An audio alert system helps notify iPhone and Macbook users if an AirTag is nearby for an extended period of time. After the multiplication of problems, Apple has implemented other anti-harassment features on its AirTag. Along with a shortened warning delay, Apple users are now notified when an unregistered AirTag travels with them.

Apple has also come up with an app that allows Android users to search for AirTags around them. Measures far from sufficient according to the complainants: “While Apple has built protections into the AirTag product, they are woefully inadequate and do little, if anything, to quickly notify individuals if they are being tracked.”.

The women accuse the company of negligently releasing a dangerous device and are asking the court to award them damages.

Source: Bloomberg

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