towards early detection with a simple test

A Swedish team has just published promising results for a screening test targeting proteins based on sugars, glycosaminoglycans or glycans to detect cancers at an early stage. Elypta

DESCRIPTION – A new blood and urine analysis technology developed in Sweden makes it possible to detect several types of tumors.

It is important to detect cancer at an early stage to maximize the chances of cure. But some tumors remain inconspicuous for a long time. If there are no symptoms, where do you look? What signal are we looking for? For several years, liquid biopsy work has attempted to address this challenge. The principle: search a sample of body fluid (blood, urine) for traces of biomarkers left by the tumor and analyze them to trace back to the initial cancer. Most of the technologies in development depend on finding tumor DNA in the bloodstream, but a Swedish team has just published in Pang (Reports of the American Academy of Sciences) promising results targeting proteins based on sugars, glycosaminoglycans or glycans. Previous research had shown that their production was disrupted in cancer.

To demonstrate the interest in this new technology, the team from Francesco Gatto…

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