towards a new health crisis?

monkeypox virus, monkeypox in English, has already infected more than five thousand people worldwide, according to Our World in Data. Affecting, for the time being, mainly men who have sex with other men (MSM), it arrived in France at the beginning of May; about five hundred people contracted the disease.

Should we fear a wider spread? How dangerous is the strain circulating in Europe? What are the symptoms and how to prevent contamination? Finally, is there a vaccine to protect those at risk?

In this episode of the “L’Heure du Monde” podcast, Delphine Roucaute, journalist at the Planet of the Worldanswers all the questions posed by this disease.

An episode produced by Madjid Bennaceur, directed by Amandine Robillard and presented by Jean-Guillaume Santi.

“The Hour of the World”

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