Toulouse: residents of the Chalets district, headwind against the opening of the largest “Dark kitchen”

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This Tuesday morning, the members of the association of the Chalets-Roquelaine district mobilized to protest against the opening of the largest “Dark kitchen” in Toulouse.

After two petitions, one online and one on paper bringing together more than 700 signatories in total, the members of the association of the Chalets-Roquelaine district in Toulouse have decided to move up a gear. “Contrary to what everyone says, no, tensions have not subsided between local residents and the promoters of the Popafood project”, insists Marie-Laure Ichanjou, president of the local residents’ association. This resident of the neighborhood has been campaigning ardently alongside a dozen local residents for more than a year now against the arrival in the neighborhood of the largest “Dark Kitchen” or “ghost kitchen” in Toulouse.

Behind this project, which has become a reality since April 18, is Popafood. The concept ? A multi-brand restaurant that offers different cuisines for delivery or take-out. Located on avenue Honoré Serres, this premises extends over more than 400 m2 where Popafood offers the rental of a fully equipped kitchen box to restaurateurs. There is no dining room at Popafood like in all “ghost kitchens”. But this new generation concept, which is spreading all over France, is not to the liking of certain inhabitants of the district.

600 daily meals

Indeed, the latter ensure that the arrival of such a behemoth of the restoration will generate significant noise and olfactory nuisances. “Our goal is to defend the interests of the inhabitants, the safeguard of the social bond, with this type of establishment, it is quite the opposite”, insists the president.

And the first anxiety of these inhabitants is the incessant ballet of motorized two-wheelers in the neighborhood at all hours of the day and night. “When the twelve dark kitchens are in action, no less than 600 meals will be produced in the chain in the various kitchens. How many scooters to deliver all these meals every day? ask local residents. But on the side of the founders of Popafood, there is misunderstanding. “There is no noise pollution, food deliveries are made during the day and for meals, it’s a retail business like any other. We carry out a local commercial activity, many customers live in the district”, underlines Eric Descargues, entrepreneur from Toulouse and co-founder of Popafood.

These members of the neighborhood association ask that the town hall of Toulouse put in place measures to limit these nuisances. “In other cities they have introduced rules such as the banning of thermal scooters from a certain time or the obligation to make deliveries by bicycle,” these residents still insist. For her part, Caroline Adoue Bielsa, district mayor, assures that for the moment “no complaint from residents has been raised”. She also insists on the fact that this subject is being carefully monitored and that the town hall will take care to “maintain the best possible cohabitation between residents and traders”.

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