Toulouse: ambitious and determined, this young couple is already opening their third restaurant in the city center

Thuy Nguyen-Veyssy and Quoc Anh Vu have just opened the third Bánh Mì restaurant in Toulouse. Specialized in Vietnamese stret-food; the establishment is located at 40 rue des Filatiers. (©Maxence Dourlen/Actu Toulouse)

where will they stop Thuy Nguyen-Veyssy and Quoc Anh Vutwo thirtysomethings already the head of three restaurants in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne)? For the past few days, the friendly Vietnamese couple have been enjoying the opening of the third Banh Mian establishment specializing in Vietnamese street-food, on the side of the Rue des Filatiers.

Passion… and hard work!

Arrived in France at the age of 16 to continue her studies, Thuy Nguyen-Veyssy has always wanted to set up her own business, to promote the culture and gastronomy of her country of origin. Less than a year after the end of her school career, in 2016, the adopted Toulouse native already opened her first restaurant at the level of the Place Dupuy !

“I was afraid to embark on this adventure… But in the end, I took the plunge and I don’t regret it at all. »

Thuy Nguyen-Veyssymanager of Bánh Mì restaurants

“We have a rich and sophisticated cuisine,” says the young woman. We really want to promote the street-food aspect in our three restaurants! »

A week of activity for the 2nd restaurant… before confinement

In March 2020, the couple took the plunge with the opening of a second establishment located in 10 rue de la Pomme. Only concern, and not the least, the first confinement arrives a week later…

“It’s a pity, because we got off to a very good start… Despite everything and the various forms of aid offered, we decided not to take out the loan guaranteed by the State. We hung on, we continued to work to hold on and make it possible to open the 3rd restaurant this Tuesday, May 10, 2022. “

Without noise or communication, only by word of mouth, Bánh Mì extends a little more with this crucial stage “in a very important district of Toulouse”.

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A new opening in the city center

For a few days now, Thuy and Quoc, who are happy to have arrived before Pitaya in the Pink City, have been taking the pulse of one of the busiest areas of the city center.

“For the moment, it is difficult to take a step back, they explain. But we are very happy to be here, the first feedback from customers…”

A family affair

In these restaurants where everything is homemade around fresh products (except for the prawns), the family aspect predominates. Evidenced by the complicity displayed by the couple in their thirties even if it is not always easy to work in this scheme. “It’s sometimes complicated to work as a couple, but we have found our habits and we separate on the different restaurants”, laughs Thuy.

“Some of our customers have become real friends! This is also the spirit of our business. »

Thuy Nguyen-Veyssyrestaurant manager

It is also to keep this spirit that the couple has refused to open franchises for several years. “We are not a chain, hammers the young woman. We want a challenge, to do everything ourselves. »

“I absolutely want us to keep the family side of our restaurants. It’s our DNA, our way of being…”

Thuy Nguyen-Veyssymanager of Bánh Mì restaurants

“I am proud of my teams”

When she talks about her three establishments, the manager is pleased with the quality of the welcome and the work provided by her 18 employees. “I insist on smiling, always being welcoming… And I must say that I am proud of my teams on this point. »

Aware of having important responsibilities vis-à-vis its employees, Thuy confesses that “personnel management is not always easy. We are looking for qualified people, but also pleasant people with good interpersonal skills”, she specifies before being ambitious for the future: “We don’t stop there! We prefer to stay in Toulouse for the moment, there are many interesting districts… The objective is to open as many restaurants as possible to make ourselves known and that everyone can come and taste our cuisine. »

Truly determined, the young couple is already planning to invest in a food-truck to diversify Bánh Mì’s offer a little more.

Thuy Nguyen-Veyssy presents the cellar specially fitted out in the new restaurant.  Ideal for dinners with friends or work colleagues.
Thuy Nguyen-Veyssy presents the cellar specially fitted out in the new restaurant. Ideal for dinners with friends or work colleagues. (©Maxence Dourlen/Actu Toulouse)

Bánh Mì, 40 rue des Filatiers in Toulouse, open Monday to Thursday (11.30am-2.30pm / 6.30pm-10.30pm), Friday (11.30am-3pm / 6.30-10.30pm) and Saturday (11.30am-10.30pm). Cellar fitted out in the third restaurant with possibility of privatization.

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