Top 6 Korean dramas released in 2022 according to IMDb (Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+…) ⋆ K-Selection

What are the 5 Korean dramas released in 2022 on streaming platforms (Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+…) with the best IMDb score?

IMDb stands for Internet Movie Database. IMDb lists movies, TV shows and video games worldwide.

The Kdramas craze has gripped not only domestic but also global online streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, AppleTV+etc.

Dramas released exclusively on these OTT services in the first months of 2022 have taken the industry by storm. Here are 5 of the standout dramas this year that garnered the most positive reviews on IMDb.

  • 6th place: Monstrous – score 6.6

An archaeologist fascinated by supernatural events travels to Jinyang County to study a Buddha statue supposedly possessed by an evil spirit.

Released on April 29 in Korea, the drama was part of the 5th edition of the Cannes International Series Festival (CanneSeries) 2022 which opened a special section dedicated to South Korean television series, “South Korean Fiction”. Monstrous is a supernatural thriller about archaeologists unraveling a bizarre mystery.

Monstrous drama release

Lee Soo Jin saw her life change when her child died. She drags her ex-husband, Jung Ki Hoon, to Jinyang County to find the Gwibul, a Buddha statue possessed by an evil spirit. As they arrive there, a succession of mysterious and disturbing phenomena occur around them.

all-of-us-are-dead-Lee Cheong-san

“All of Us Are Dead” is a high school zombie thriller starring Yoon Chan Young, Park Ji Hoo, Cho Yi Hyun, Park Solomon, and Yoo In Soo in the lead roles. Based on the Naver webtoon “Now at Our School” by Joo Dong Geun, the story follows a group of students stuck in their school during a zombie apocalypse.

Will this character return for Season 2 of All Of Us Are Dead?

Their friendship and moral values ​​hang in the balance as they fight to survive and come out alive against all odds.

‘All of Us Are Dead’ has broken records on Netflix and around the world.

  • 4th place: Soundtrack #1 – score 7.9

Top 6 Korean dramas released in 2022 according to IMDb (Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+…)

Soundtrack #1 is a romantic music drama about a man and a woman who have been friends for 20 years. When these two friends end up living together for two weeks, they gradually begin to realize their feelings for each other.

Park Hyung Sik Transforms Into The Perfect Boyfriend In Disney+'s 'Soundtrack #1'

“Soundtrack #1” features the two stars Park Hyung Sik (Han Sun Woo) and Han So Hee (Lee Eun Soo).

Soundtrack #1 was released on March 23.

Top 6 Korean dramas released in 2022 according to IMDb (Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+…)

The legal drama follows a tough judge (Kim Hye Soo) who is known for her dislike of juvenile delinquents. However, she discovers what it really means to be an adult after being appointed as a judge in a juvenile court.

juvenile justice season 2

The drama from Netflix that receivesit several positive reactions and brought tears to several viewers is inspired by several real events in South Korea.

'Juvenile Justice' Debuts in the Top 10 of Netflix's Global Rankings

In an interview with MOVIST on March 16, director Hong Jong-chan raised viewers’ hopes for the production of “Juvenile Justice” Season 2.

The Sound of Magic release

A mysterious magician named Lee Eul introduces magic into the lives of two high school students who live with harsh realities.

Hwang In-Yeop compares himself to Na Il-Deung from The Sound of Magic

It is an adaptation of Ha Il Kwon’s webtoon, which has gained huge popularity for its enchanting magical elements and realistic depiction of teenage emotions and thoughts.

Netflix Confirms Original Kdrama The Sound Of Magic Starring Ji Chang Wook, Hwang In Yeop, And Choi Sung Eun

Itaewon Class and Love in the Moonlight producer Kim Sung Yoon is directing the series, and Who Are You filmmaker Kim Min Jung is writing the script.

  • 1st place: Pachinko – score 8.5

Top 6 Korean dramas released in 2022 according to IMDb (Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+…)

Pachinko is Apple’s highly anticipated global project in Korean, Japanese, and English. Based on the book of the same name, Pachinko chronicles the hopes and dreams of four generations of a Korean immigrant family.

“Pachinko” Starring Lee Min Ho Releases Official Trailer

Beginning with forbidden love, the show chronicles war and peace, love and separation, victory and judgment while moving back and forth between Korea, Japan, and the United States.

Top 6 Korean dramas released in 2022 according to IMDb (Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney+…)

Pachinko, which begins in Korea in the early 1900s, is told through the eyes of a strong woman, Sun Ja, who overcomes all adversity.

pachinko season 2 3

The plot then intersects with the story of Solomon, Sun Ja’s grandson, in the 1980s.

What was your best streaming drama this year?

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